26 Days

26 Days

Claudia Nicole

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  • Claudia Nicole brings you into her home and reveals and reveals in this memoir how she and her husband attempt a plant-based diet. Through her compelling personal journey, she shows how learning how to eat healthy can be confusing and challenging, yet rewarding. An advocate of keeping a journal, she provides journalling tips for others following a new diet. 26 Days is also a witty narrative that is not just her own story, but also features personal stories and wisdom of others, from Anthony Bourdain, CNN's host of Parts Unknown; Martin Lindstrom, a leading consultant to major corporations on marketing strategies; and Dr.T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., the scientist behind the documentary, Forks Over Knives and author of The China Study, also a compelling argument for a plant based diet. Claudia Nicole shares 45 easy-to-follow recipes throughout this book, which builds an inspiring case for keeping life simple while staying healthy.

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    A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and What You Need to Know
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