ABCs of Speaking

ABCs of Speaking

Adryenn Ashley

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  • Can you make it as a professional speaker? Knowing how to deliver a great presentation is obviously important, but truly understanding how the speaking industry really works is probably even more important. What do you need to know to deal with event promoters? What can you do to take control of the room and not let the unexpected derail your presentation? Should you pursue the fee or free speaking model? What about technology? What do they mean by 'buying units.' And so much more. In &quote;ABCs of Speaking&quote; industry insiders Adryenn Ashley (the &quote;A&quote;), Bret Ridgway (the &quote;B&quote;) and Caterina Rando (the &quote;C&quote;) share their combined decades of experience from both the platform and the promoter perspectives. They pull back the curtains and give you a sneak peek into how the speaking world really works. You'll learn how to build a profitable speaking business that allows you to more effectively build your platform and share your powerful message with the world. &quote;ABCs of Speaking&quote; literally covers the world of speaking from A to Z and even if you already consider yourself a professional speaker you're guaranteed to pick up a few nuggets that can help you take things to the next level with your speaking. Get more gigs, make more money and impact more lives today!

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    Your Building Blocks to Speaking Success
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