At World's End

At World's End

Na Duo

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  • It is the suspense king Na Duo's latest works of supernatural notebook series. The earthquake at Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident caused the biological gene mutation, and at the same time that Na Duo was invited by a company to an interview in Japan, a mysterious force is gradually surfaced. The emergence of the midnight ghost dough, ferocious turtle, mystical powers, and all these events behind, it is only the truth about the world destruction! The world, whether as the Mayans predicted will be destroyed? Behind the unbelievable event, whether it is supernatural does mischief, or human science cannot explore the mysterious phenomenon? What's the ultimate outcome of Na Duo's investigation? The earth, it will be destroyed really? Whether we have reached the end of the world? Everything is in Na Duo's supernatural notes the latest works: &quote;At World's End&quote;! Take you to glimpse the infinite horror broken end of the world!

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