Biological Husbandry

Biological Husbandry

B. Stonehouse

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  • Biological Husbandry: A Scientific Approach to Organic Farming covers a proceeding of a symposium organized by International Institute of Biological Husbandry on August 26-30, 1980 at Wye College in London, United Kingdom. Said symposium aims to promote the scientific development of biological or organic agriculture. The text covers topics such as the assessment of conventional, biological, and integrated agriculture; soil use in temperate climates, organic matter cycles in tropical soils, and plant-microbial interactions; biological pest control, the importance of chemical agents and biotechnology in biological husbandry, and allelochemicals in the future of agriculture. The book is recommended for biologists and agriculturists who would like to know more about the studies in biological husbandry and its implications in the field.

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    A Scientific Approach to Organic Farming
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