Bounce: Living the Resilient Life

Bounce: Living the Resilient Life

Robert J. Wicks

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  • Stress is a fact of modern life. And as more and more people face greater financial insecurity, longer work hours, and the increasingly complex personal and social demands of our fast-paced, multi-tasking, high-tech lifestyle, finding healthy ways to handle stress is more important than ever. In Bounce: Living the Resilient Life, Robert Wicks shows you not just how to manage stress, but how to transform stressful situations into opportunities to live a more meaningful, self-aware, and compassionate life. Wicks makes available to everyone techniques he has used for over 30 years in helping physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, educators, social workers, ministers, and relief workers not only survive but flourish in highly stressful occupations. Youll learn a wide range of methods–normally reserved for those in helping and healing professions–to help you bounce back from stress and live life to the fullest. Bounce shows you how to: DT Recognize the insidious nature of denial and avoidance as responses to stress DT Employ psychologically powerful approaches to self-awareness DT Improve self-talk through the use of cognitive behavioral principles DT Apply daily-debriefing techniques DT Utilize a structured reflection guide to uncover areas that require special attention DT Incorporate silence, solitude, and mindfulness into daily life DT Stop the drain of valuable emotional energy caused by toxic life situations and unexamined attitudes and beliefs DT And much more Most important, Bounce helps you develop your own self-care protocol and personal renewal program, based on an honest assessment of your needs, life situation, and habitual ways of dealing–or failing to deal–with stress. Insightful, practical, and filled with wise guidance, Bounce shows us all how to live with greater resilience in a world that grows more stressful by the day.

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