Global Governance Enterprises

Global Governance Enterprises

John J. Forrer

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  • Global Governance Enterprises focuses on a specific multi-sector collaboration-the formation of an entity that carries out global governance-providing a detailed analysis of the context of their emergence, as well as how they are created, managed, and sustained.Forrer considers the growing challenges to successful global governance and the role of multi-sector collaborations in overcoming these challenges, arguing that such partnerships should be considered successful only when they meet specific conditions that ensure they are &quote;doing well&quote; and &quote;doing good.&quote; By establishing a coherent framework to define global governance enterprises across a wide span of sectors, the book develops a strong theoretical foundation for this type of partnership and provides the reader with an understanding of the practical, operational realities of organizing, financing, and sustaining global governance enterprises. It includes a full section of case studies, ranging from healthcare to environmental organizations, providing practical insight into this form of governance and its function.This book should be on the shelf of any professional or student interested in global governance, public-private partnerships, or public management.

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    Creating Multisector Collaborations
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