Prepping for a Pandemic

Prepping for a Pandemic

Cat Ellis

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  • AN IN-DEPTH GUIDE TO PREPARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR A WIDESPREAD OUTBREAK OF ANY DEADLY DISEASEEvery year pandemics strike! And they can easily spread all over the worldoverwhelming doctors and hospitals. Will you be ready when a deadly epidemic hits your town?Prepping for a Pandemic provides the vital information and life-saving steps needed before and after an outbreak, including:Outbreak Warning SignsInitial SymptomsEase of TransmissionQuarantine ProtocolFirst Aid SkillsMedical TreatmentFuture ThreatsHome Remedies With detailed information on deadly diseases, tips on stockpiling supplies and plans for bugging out, this book offers everything required to keep you and your family safe.

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    Life-Saving Supplies, Skills and Plans for Surviving an Outbreak
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