Using UML

Using UML

Perdita Stevens

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  • One of the first textbooks to be fully up-to-date with the new and expanded UML 2.0 standard, this is an ideal introduction to the Unified Modelling Language for students learning about object and component-based software design and development. The book encourages a pragmatic and open-minded approach to real-life software engineering. It places UML in the context of the software engineering discipline as a whole, providing students with a practical understanding of best practice in software design and development. The authors present a broad view of the subject area, enabling students to see for themselves how different practices may be appropriate for different situations. The book is divided into four parts covering:Part 1 – Introductory ConceptsPart 2 – UML, the language Part 3 – Case studies Part 4 – Applying UML in practice

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    Software Engineering with Objects and Components
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